Wish You Were Here…

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August 30, 2012 by greenmackenzie

We are at the top of the Braids Hill in Edinburgh looking down over Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh Castle and the Firth of Forth…can you spot them all? (You cant really see the castle in the first pic…its hidden behind black scratches to the left…..look in second picture)

We love walking here because you meet hundreds of other dogs to sniff and play with, although Willow isn’t such a social hound, she’s usually too busy looking for rabbits and squirrels. We also love the rabbit poo, scattered liberally among the grass, which we can eat as small snacks, unless we get spotted and told to stop. The best way to do it is while on the move, that way we are less likely to be caught. Rabbit poo = yummy protein snack šŸ™‚

Mum got a new app to turn our photos into post cards.

Which of the post cards do you like best? We can’t decide!


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